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Bob Berg works with  a group of atlatlists in England

In Alaska, an instructor helps a student learn how to use an atlatl.

Winners of the Women’s Division at one of the annual Vermont atlatl contests.

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Discover  the ancient mastery of atlatls at Thunderbird Atlatl!  Whether you’re an adept enthusiast or a curious neophyte, we offer the ideal atlatl set for you. Embark on a journey through history and savor the excitement of atlatl throwing. The expedition beckons – are you prepared to capture Atlatl Fever?

Top left: Some of equipment needed for splicing traditional darts. Bottom left: our more traditional darts with stone points. The atlatl featured is our Hiawatha model. In the photo to the right, Bob Berg leads a workshop on straightening and making cane darts. Bob is demonstrating how to heat treat and straighten the darts.


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Love your products! We have had HUNDREDS of youth and adults using your atlatls as part of our programs. By the way, here is a link to a recent TV interview.

Barry Rudesill, Crescent Lake Bible Camp – Wisconsin, Northern

I took my new toy, a Kanakadea, for a maiden test flight today. I’m totally hooked! I even had the neighbors, who had never heard of such an instrument, commenting favorably.

 You’ll be hearing more of me soon.

Tom McCort   Morristown, OH

I got my atlatl today and it was in great condition, thank you for packing it so well.  I used it today at lunch and was shocked at how easy it is to pick up on.  Within 30 min, I was hitting a deer taget at 20 yards about 30% of the time. 

Larry Ernst








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From World Atlatl Day to contests, workshops and classes throughout the US and other countries, it is easy to tap into atlatl activities.  Check out the World Atlatl Association’s event page for a list of contests.

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