Kanakadea Atlatl Kit Instructions


Thank you for purchasing the Kanakadea Atlatl Kit. We hope you will find it a pleasure to finish and use.

Kanakadea Atlatl Kit

Your kit contains a wooden shaft, a spur made of tropical hardwood, a wooden Y (dart holder) , sandpaper, and a strip of leather . You will need a small amount of wood glue that is impractical to pack with the kit, and scissors. We recommend Elmer’s Carpenters Glue, Franklin Tightbond or epoxy. You will also need Linseed oil, Tung oil, stain and/or paint to finish your atlatl.

First starting with the coarsest sandpaper, sand the wooden shaft. Progress to the medium sandpaper and finish with the finest or until you are satisfied with the finish.

After sanding, rub the entire surface of the wood (excluding the tine hole) with Linseed or Tung oil. You may also stain or paint your atlatl to finish it but either Linseed or Tung oil work for finishing the atlatl.

After the finish is applied, glue the spur in the hole provided with the wood glue or epoxy. Wipe off the excess and let it set.

Find the small strip of leather in your kit, glue it into the wooded Y with the softest part of the leather on the outside. Trim the leather to fit the Y. After the leather is firmly adhered to the wood and trimmed, glue the Y into drilled hole on the hand grip portion of your atlatl shaft. Let it set.

Kanakadea Atlatl

You now have a finished Kanakadea Atlatl.