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Remembering Groovy (Brandon) Anderson

Our friend, fellow atlatlist and atlatl maker Brandon Anderson passed away Wednesday evening, July 30, at his home in Waverly, NY. Brandon has been involved with the atlatl world for many years. Over the years, he has helped the Thunderbird Atlatl shop greatly with...

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Remembering John Morris

We are sad to report that our dear atlatl friend and supporter John Morris passed away this past Friday, January 24. John of Grand Isle, Vermont, fell in love with the atlatl on a visit to the annual atlatl event at Chimney Point Historic Site in Addison, Vermont...

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Remembering Mom-Helen Marie Roth Connolly

We did not expect we would be posting so soon after Cheryll's Dad's death that her Mother, Helen, had also passed away. On Thursday, June 30, Cheryll's Mom, Helen, left this life to join her husband, Anthony. Following Anthony's funeral in June, Cheryll's Mom, Helen,...

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Remembering Dad- Anthony W. Connolly

It's with sadness and also the joy of celebrating his life that we say good bye to Cheryll's Dad, Anthony Connolly. Anthony passed away Saturday, May 14, at our home in Candor, New York. Cheryll's parents have lived in our home for nearly seven years. They moved here...

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Farewell to two atlatl friends

We were sorry to learn in the past few days of the deaths of Atlatl and Bow Maker Lou Becker of Michigan and Atlatl maker and artist Chuck Burtorajac of Pennsylvania. Both gentleman have been known in the atlatl community for many years. We were privileged to first...

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