Hafting Resin (Pine-Based Glue)

How to use Thunderbird Atlatl’s Hafting Resin, an all-natural, pine-based glue which is similar in use to epoxy. Hafting Resin is available for sale for $6 for two 20 ounce blocks in our shop.


This pine resin based adhesive is heat activated for attaching dissimilar materials that have different coefficients of expansion like metal or stone blades to wood, bone or ivory handles. This formula was developed originally using traditional and natural materials for attaching stone points to wooden arrow or dart shafts. The bond is able to withstand shear forces; tough yet flexible it adheres well to many different materials, as long as all parts are dry. It forms a durable composite when used in conjunction with fibers as long as the fibers are thoroughly saturated and all air is pressed out of the joint. A broken joint can be reheated and attached again and again as often as necessary.

We introduced this glue this past year at various shows we traveled to and have had many positive reports. One customer suggested our new hafting resin has some “mojo”. We don’t know about that but we know it has been tried and tested by ourselves and customers and it seems to be doing a good job!

Purchase Hafting Resin – $5 for two 20 ounce blocks