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Bannerstones and how they relate to the Atlatl

An Argument Against the Notion That Bannerstones are Atlatl Weights The following is a recently updated article on bannerstones written and researched by Robert S. Berg of Thunderbird Atlatl. Thoughts, questions and comments are welcomed. Thunderbird Atlatl will be...

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Atlatl Myths

The atlatl and dart are mythically endowed with powers that are highly overrated by several atlatlists. The first myth is that the dart flexes and compresses, storing energy in order to push itself away from the atlatl. Another myth is that there is a specific magic...

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History of the Fingerless or “Y” Atlatl

Prior to 1990 or so I came up with a design for an atlatl that later turned into the "Wyalusing" It was the first atlatl ever recorded to have "rests". I have looked for other examples that may have existed prior to this but has only found one type of atlatl that had...

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Atlatls in America: A Brief Overview

The word "atlatl" is the Aztec word for spear thrower. Our history in North America was greatly affected by the Native Central Americans' use of the atlatl. Bernal Diaz's account of the conquest of New Spain, what is now Mexico, talked extensively of the use of...

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