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This time of the year is always one of the busiest at Thunderbird Atlatl. We are busy trying to keep up with Christmas orders and want to make sure everyone's order arrives in time. We usually ship priority mail through the post office. We can also ship UPS and Fed Ex...

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Dr. Pol Learns About the Atlatl

We are back to the Northeast after a couple of weeks in Florida. It was a nice break from the frigid temperatures in upstate New York but even the Floridians were battling colder temperatures. While we were gone, National Geo Wild posted a video of Bob Berg of...

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World’s Last Mammoth Discovered

Photo by David H. Peterson of Cottage Grove, MN Global Warming has caused a thawing in Northern Canada, Alaska and Siberia, releasing from time to time mammoths like the one pictured here from the tundra. This mammoth, named "Big Red" by locals, has been seen...

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Ooga Booga Chief Spotted With Atlatl!

Photo by Chris Pappas of Hancock, NY. Here, his worthiness Dana Klein, chief among chiefs, Evicessor to His Supreme Worthiness, Robbie Robinson, retired of the Secret Ear o' Corn Ooga Booga Society enjoys an afternoon's stroll upon the Sacred Element, with atlatl and...

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