World’s Last Mammoth Discovered

by | Jul 21, 1999 | Humor

Big Red, the mammoth
Photo by David H. Peterson of Cottage Grove, MN
Global Warming has caused a thawing in Northern Canada, Alaska and Siberia, releasing from time to time mammoths like the one pictured here from the tundra. This mammoth, named “Big Red” by locals, has been seen wandering around Minnisota.A band of atlatlists has been tracking Big Red for two years trying desperately to get a shot at this dangerous menace. Recently, it was thought to have taken up residence in a Minnesotan pagoda, but upon closer inspection was found to be inhabited by a very large ball of twine.

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  1. Daniel

    i know someone in the uk called Kate who is the last mammoth on earth, k?;]


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