Dennis Lance Presents the Atlatl as an Alternative Hunting Weapon to the Pennsylvania Game Commission

by | Jul 14, 2005 | News

Dennis Lance presented the atlatl as an alternative hunting weapon to the Pennsylvania Game Commission at their June 27th meeting in Harrisburg. He asked the PGC to allow the use of the atlatl during any regular archery season which would include deer hunting, bear hunting, fishing, and small game hunting.

In addition to the short presentation Dennis and a group of atlatl enthusiasts which included Tom Goble, Jack Rowe, Mason Miller, Erich Zeh, and George Miller did a demonstration of the atlatl for the commission. Many members of the PGC seemed receptive to the idea. It is hoped that the PGC will allow at least limited use of the atlatl and perhaps even give it equal status with the bow and arrow.

Please send favorable comments to:
Vernon R. Ross
Executive Director

Michael W. Schmit
Deputy Executive Director

2001 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg PA 17110-9797

(717) 787-4250

Monday – Friday
7:45AM – 4:00PM


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