Flint Ridge Knap-In

by | Aug 29, 2007 | News

Thunderbird Atlatl is off to the Flint Ridge Knap-In at Flint Ridge Park, located between Zanesville and Columbus, Ohio in the community of Brownsville this weekend.
We’ve been at Flint Ridge almost every Labor Day for the last 15 or so years back to the time when not many people had any idea what an atlatl was. Since that time, the atlatl events in Ohio have grown and members of the Ohio Atlatl Association are extremely active in promoting the atlatl.
If you are in the Ohio area, the Flint Ridge Knap-In is a great place to stop by and visit. The Knap-In runs Friday, August 31 to Sunday, Sept. 2, 2007.
We had a great time at the annual Stonetool Technology Show in Letchworth State Park at the Mt. Morris, New York in. We enjoyed meeting with the many atlatlists who came through for the World Atlatl Association and the New York Atlatl Association meeting. We were honored by awards from the World Atlatl Association and the New York State Atlatl Association. Thanks to everyone.


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