Introducing New Line of Cane Darts

by | Jan 19, 2009 | News, Our Products

We have just returned from trips south and will be debuting our new cane darts at the Florida shows. Along with our quality wooden darts, we will be offering cane darts in the next month or so.

We will have a good quantity of cane darts available at the two Florida shows we will be attending at the end of the month and into February. After we return from Florida, we will be bringing back the majority of the cane we recently havested for dart production.

Information about the upcoming Florida shows is as follows:
Gator-Knap ‘09 Prehistoric Technology Show

The second annual Gator-Knap ‘09 Prehistoric Technology Show will be held January 30 to February 1 at the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center State Park in White Springs, Florida.
Admission is $4 per vehicle.
The event will be an educational experience geared at bringing together professional and avocational archaeologists, and all those interested in prehistoric technologies. Demonstrations and classes in technologies such as flint knapping, ceramics, cordage, and carving of stone, shell, bone, and wood will be held at the scenic Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center along the banks of the Suwannee River. Come and teach, learn, or just crack some rock!
Featured Speakers:
Bob Berg
Owner and craftsman of Thunderbird Atlatl
The Resurgence of Atlatl Hunting and Fishing

James Dunbar
Senior Archaeologist, Division of Historical Resources, State of Florida
The Wakulla Springs Lodge Site: a Pre-Clovis Paleoindian Habitation or Temporal Tempest? Well how about both!

_ ISAC Atlatl competition.
_ Flint knapping competition.
_ Late night knapping sessions for campers.
_ Free dry camping with access to bathing/restroom facilities for registered knap-in vendors and participants (no reservations needed).

*Please, No Buying or Selling of Authentic Artifacts*

If you have any questions/concerns call Mitzi Nelson at (386) 397-7005, or email

If you plan on staying in our campground please make your reservation in advance by calling Reserve America at 1-800-326-3521. Regular camping fees will apply.

For more information about the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center State Park and directions see:


Stone Age and Primitive Arts Festival

The Department of Environmental Protection’s Ochlockonee River State Park is hosting the Second Annual Stone Age and Primitive Arts Festival Friday, February 6 to Sunday, February 8. Visitors will experience ‘hands-on’ learning, as experts demonstrate techniques that were used thousands of years ago in day to day life. Visitors will also see projectile point fashioning, also known as flint-knapping, the art of chipping stone into tools, bow and arrow construction, basket weaving, early pottery methods and much more. According to archeological research, Ochlockonee River’s rich history of human interacting with nature goes back 12,000 years


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