Traditional Atlatls from Thunderbird Atlatl

by | Feb 28, 2010 | News, Our Products

Our traditional Hiawatha Atlatls are perfect for the person looking for an authentic looking atlatl. The Hiawatha Atlatl has a classic primitive design. In our web catalog, we show our painted version of the Hiawatha. We have several other choices. In the photo below are some of our Hiawathas with boat stone weights. We also have traditional Hiawathas without the weight and with or without the loop handle. Prices for Hiawathas range from $20 to $130.

The traditional atlatls below are $100 each. Our Hiawathas are available in Hickory, Ash or Osage Orange with a bone or antler tine, natural fiber or leather finger loops, rubbed oil finish and natural fiber lacing which holds the antler tine in place and provides added grip at the handle. Some of our pieces are slightly charred and oiled, which would have been a surface treatment well within the grasp of hunter gatherers.

Interested in one of our traditonal atlatls, give us a call at 800-836-4520 or email us at You can also try to reach us on our cell phone at 607-743-4379.

Traditional Hiawatha Atlatls


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