Franklin Pierce College Atlatl Team Featured in Parade Magazine!

by | May 30, 2010 | News

The Franklin Pierce University atlatl team is featured in a full-page article in Parade Magazine this week. Parade can be found in Sunday newspapers throughout the U.S. or online (see the link below). Franklin Pierce is located in New Hampshire.
The team, called the Hurling Ravens, was started in 2004 by Anthropology Professor Bob Goodby. The New Hampshire team, like the Grinnell College Raging Cow team in Iowa (started by Professor John Whittaker), is one of the few college atlatl teams in the country. The article mentions an atlatl team from the University of Vermont and we know the Raging Cows team from Grinnell and another from Luther College are just a few of the college teams which compete informally.
Thunderbird Atlatl sees the Franklin Pierce team each year at the annual Chimney Point Atlatl Contest in Vergennes, Vt. Along with the atlatls and darts the team members have built, we are pleased they use some of our equipment. We look forward to working more high school and college teams around the country. Congratulations to the Hurling Ravens on a nice article. The article was written by Jim Fennell of the New Hampshire Union Leader.…/0530-a-college-team-takes-aim.html