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by | Jul 13, 2010 | News

Missouri Approves Hunting Deer with Atlatls
Missouri deer hunters will be able to hunt with atlatls this year. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, atlatls have been legal since 2007 to hunt small and and nongame fish. This year, deer have been added. Atlatls can be used throughout the season except for the muzzleloader portion of the hunting season. Congratulations to the Missouri Atlatl Association for seeing this through!

Back from Europe – Walk Through Time This Weekend
It’s been a busy summer so far at Thunderbird Atlatl with a trip to Germany and other parts of Europe. It was great meeting many new European friends. This weekend, we will be in our nearby community at the Walk Through Time and Lumberjack Festival event at the Hiawatha Boat Launch and on Hiawatha Island in Owego, NY. The event is sponsored by the Waterman Conservation Center. Here’s information on the event: Waterman Conservation Center events

At a recent Atlatl event at Letchworth State Park in May. Doug Bassett tried out our newest atlatl The Canandaigua. Thanks Doug!



  1. BK

    Just a very small clarification regarding Missouri’s decision to allow atlatl use for taking deer; the 2010 Fall Deer & Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information put out by the MDC states that:
    “To provide more hunting opportunities, the
    Conservation Department now allows hunters to
    use the atlatl to take deer during all portions of the
    FIREARMS season except the muzzleloader portion.
    This historic method has been used to take small
    game and nongame fish in Missouri since 2007. By
    adding deer to the list of species that can be taken by
    atlatl, Missouri hunters who enjoy primitive hunting
    methods will have an additional way to enjoy the
    outdoors.” (2010 Fall Deer & Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information, MDC, p.1)
    Unfortunately, there is no indication that the use of atlatls are allowed during any of the archery seasons either, yet. It was probably implied above that atlatl use is allowed only during FIREARM seasons, exept muzzleloading, but this is just to remove any possible confusion.
    Personally, I am disappointed atlatls are not an allowed method during archery season and am very curious for the reason or logic behind it (besides the obvious title of the “Archery” only season).
    Thank you very much for such a great site and resource for atlatl enthusiasts.

    • Cheryll

      Thanks for the additional information. It would seem to make sense to have the atlatl use during archery season. Thanks for the support.


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