Four Exciting Aztec Atlatl Battles at Pennsic War 39!

by | Aug 19, 2010 | News

The entire Thunderbird Atlatl staff is back in Candor busily working at the shop. Give us a call if you have any atlatl questions or just want to chat about atlatls!
Some members of our staff have just returned from Pennsic War 39, held each year just north of Pittsburgh, Pa., and the site of some pretty amazing Aztec Atlatl Battles!
If the Aztec Atlatl Battle has developed anywhere, it has developed at Pennsic. Members of the Society of Creative Anachronism have fine tuned the game developed by Bob Berg of Thunderbird Atlatl. This year, we were happy to have four battles scheduled in the Pennsic Battlefield. Each of them had their exciting and climatic moments and we know the participating warriors have many a good yarn to tell! Special thanks to Ivarr for scheduling the battles and we look forward to next year! For upcoming events, we will be at the Stonetool Show at Letchworth State Park for the World Atlatl Association meeting and we look forward to seeing our many atlatl and flintknapping friends!
Below a couple of scenes from one of the four Aztec Atlatl Battles at Pennsic!
Bob Berg in full warrior mode at a Pennsic 39 Aztec Atlatl Battle.Young Warrior during Aztec Atlatl Battle


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