Areodynamic Tapered Darts with Excellent Flight Characteristics

by | Nov 9, 2010 | News, Our Products

We have taken another step forward in the manufacture of our popular tapered darts! Along with our high quality standard wooden Ash darts and bamboo darts, we now produce quality wooden tapered darts. Our tapered darts provide high quality flight characteristics. Our tapered darts are available in straight grained Ash that we mill ourselves from veneer quality logs as well as Spruce and Douglas fir. Seven foot tapered ash darts weigh in at 7 ounces which is excellent for hunting. The seven foot spruce and fir darts are great target darts rivaling the flight characteristics of the more expensive bamboo darts that we also make.

Thunderbird Atlatl started producing quality tapered darts early in our twenty years of business. Our original method was cumbersome and labor intensive so Bob Berg designed and built a more efficient method of tapered dart production. This milestone has made it easier for us to provide the high quality tapered darts that we are now offering to our customers without a long wait. If you would like to add tapered darts to your atlatl set the process adds a dollar each to each dart.


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  1. Jay Sullivan

    Looking to purchase your 7′ tapered spruce dart shafts but just can’t find them on your site. A clue, please?


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