Remembering Dad- Anthony W. Connolly

by | May 19, 2011 | News, Tributes

It’s with sadness and also the joy of celebrating his life that we say good bye to Cheryll’s Dad, Anthony Connolly. Anthony passed away Saturday, May 14, at our home in Candor, New York. Cheryll’s parents have lived in our home for nearly seven years. They moved here from the Catskills in Hancock, NY after living on their own became too difficult despite the support of many wonderful neighbors.

We are blessed that Thunderbird Atlatl operates out of a shop in our home, making it possible for us to provide eldercare for our parents here. Obviously, this has not been without its challenges and frustrations over the years; but there have been moments of humor, love and joy. Cheryll’s Dad was a determined soul who could drive us crazy all the while we were proud of that same determination in the face of Parkinson’s Disease.

He was an amazingly creative person who has left us a legacy of memories in his writings, wood carvings, photography, paintings and many collections of cameras, rifles, car parts and other assorted interests. We thank all of your for your thoughts and condolences over the past few days. For our atlatlist and flintknapper friends, Cheryll’s Dad was a member of the Secret Ear of Corn Ooga Booga Society! Oooga Booga! Anthony and Cheryll’s Mom, Helen, learned the Oooga Booga secret at The Atlatl Rattle at Green Flats, Casa De Fumo, Hancock, New York (Ray Turner’s) several years ago.

Anthony’s obituary can be viewed here A memorial service for Anthony will be held June 4 at noon at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Hancock, NY.


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