Fantastic time in England; Back at the Thunderbird Atlatl Shop; Atlatl Rattle in Hancock

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From the moment we boarded the ferry in France to cross the channel into Dover, England, we knew we were in good hands with our English hosts! Steve Medlock texted us before we boarded the ferry and on our two hour trip across. As we left the ferry and entered on to English soil, Steve was waiting to lead us to the campground.
We arrived (after following Steve’s car through the English countryside and driving on the opposite of the road we were accustomed to!) after 11 p.m. to find a tent entirely set up for us with sleeping bags, cots, air mattresses, a refrigerator with food in it, a stove, lights, flashlights and an United States flag flying in the front! The next day Bob met with Steve and a great group to offer a workshop. The workshop continued on Sunday. We can not thank our English hosts enough for their kind welcome and for preparing great accommodations.
Following the workshops, Steve transported us to airports, took us on tours around the countryside and helped us find items we needed. Thanks Steve. Steve and Neal (accompanied by his delightful 10-month-old daughter) gave us a great tour of Lewes on Wednesday, July 20. On Friday, Steve and his son, Chris, returned to the campsite and took down the tent and packed away the camping supplies with our son, Peter, and his friend, Chris. Peter and Chris left to start their Mongol Rally adventure During their trip, they will be demonstrating atlatls and hope to put on an atlatl contest in Mongolia at the end of their journey.

Atlatl Rattle
The Atlatl Rattle is this weekend July 21 to 24 in Hancock, NY. It’s a great event along the Delaware River. We will try to be there but might not be able to make it since we are just getting back from Europe. Have a great time! Ray Turner is a wonderful host.

Sussex, England workshop

Sussex, England workshop


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