World Atlatl Day June 2!

by | May 28, 2012 | News

Atlatlists around the world will be participating in the second annual World Atlatl Day Saturday, June 2.

In an effort to encourage and promote the atlatl, the first World Atlatl Day was held last June. Linda Brundage, one of the organizers, reports that last year there were 230 participants in 11 states and six countries! Forty-three teams were organized. Check out the World Atlatl Association events page to see if there is an event near you or plan your own!

We are inviting any atlatl enthusiasts in the Candor/Ithaca/Binghamton, NY, area to come to the Thunderbird Atlatl shop to participate in the event. Our shop is at 90 Main Street, Candor, NY. We will be set up for the event and will also have extra equipment if needed. We will start around 1 p.m. and continue until 5 p.m. All are invited. If you want to stay past five, bring a dish to pass and we will end the day with a cookout. This is very similar to the way Gary and Linda Nolf are setting up their Connecticut event – thanks Gary and Linda! (If you are closer to Connecticut than Candor, contact the Nolfs at

There will not be an ISAC at our event but for those interested in competing in an ISAC competition, check out the event in Cuba, NY on the World Atlatl Association’s event page or contact Linda Brundage at

Any questions, please give us a call at 1-800-836-4520 or email us at


Here are the guidelines for World Atlatl Day:

1. World Atlatl Day will be set for June 2nd (first Saturday in June).

2. Teams of 3 throwers on a flight, using an ISAC target with an ISAC score sheet.

3. Throwing distances will be measured at 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 meters. Competitors will each have a turn throwing from each distance and then go through the rotations a second time. (One entry per team, but an individual may shoot on more than one team.)

4. Each competitor’s scores will be added up for their final score. All the final scores will be added together to make the Team total score.

5. Options for team roster can be one of the following:
* all men
* all women
* all youth
* mixed with any combination

6. Scores will be e-mailed to to be tabulated and the final placement of Teams will be posted on Paleoplanet, in upcoming newsletters (WAA Atlatl, NYAA, Texas Atlatl etc.) and in private e-mails to the host who sent the scores in.

If you also want to hold ISAC competitions on the same day, you still must list it as an event with the Secretary for the WAA for your ISAC scores to count.

Linda Brundage says she has received notices of competitions between: California vs New York, New York vs Pennsylvania, Texas vs Wyoming and has confirmations from the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Texas, Connecticut and from the countries of the UK and France to participate.

Last year’s Team winner was Pennsylvania, with New York coming in 2nd and Ohio placed 3rd.
A final note from Linda:
Remember, this is about friends getting together and having a good time and knowing that other people around the world with the same love for the sport are all doing the same thing that we are doing – tossing sticks and laughing. You do not have to be on a team to participate on the day. Lets see if we can beat 230 people throwing this year.


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