Good Participation for World Atlatl Day!

by | Jun 8, 2012 | News

There was participants in at least 11 states on World Atlatl Day, June 2. There were throwers from Wyoming, Arizona, New York, California, Connecticut, Ohio, Texas, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Wisconsin on World Atlatl Day.

Besides the United States, there was participation in the United Kingdom, France, and Canada (Quebec and New Brunswick).

There were more than 150 people participating this year. Numbers were a little down because of weather in some areas and in England, the Queen’s Jubilee got a little more attention than the atlatl event!

Groups of all sizes gathered at various venues to spend a day or part of a day casting darts! It was a fun event for all who participated. We had a small group here at the Thunderbird Atlatl shop.
World Atlatl Day in Candor, NY.


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